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Love Demystified: Strategies for a Successful Love Life will be released this week and the links for where it can be purchased will be posted on this blog.  Meanwhile, you might want to check out Love Demystified Workbook: Questionnaires to Assess Your Love Life.  This workbook contains 11 of the questionnaires that are in the regular Love Demystified book.  You can find out which areas in your love life that you might want to strengthen.  Then you can purchase the regular Love Demystified book to learn how to strengthen these areas.  The Love Demystified Workbook can be purchased from Amazon as a print book:

Or you can get the workbook free as an eBook if you are an Amazon Prime member or $2.99 for non prime members


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  1. An excellent book for all — couples, lovers and anyone who wants to learn more about how to be loving. Dr. Palmer knows a lot! As the chair of a major psychology department and a long history of doing individual and couple therapy, she is truly an expert. Plus, and most importantly, she is a terrific writer. Art Smukler MD, author and psychiatrist

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